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The CrossPhysio Method

CrossPhysio focuses on fascia therapy and combines traditional knowledge from different Asian forms of therapy like Shiatsu, Thai Massage and traditional Chinese Medicine with modern, western therapeutic approaches like manual therapy, osteopathy, Tom Myer’s muscle energy lines and trigger point therapy. 

It also includes aspects of modern science proved Bio-psycho-social Medicine, which gives a wider perspective for pain management therapy. The Bio-psycho-social Medicine offers multiple keys to reduce pain through adjustments in lifestyle,  behavior and our way of thinking.

CrossPhysio treats the body with fascia massage, uses highly effective exercises to improve posture and muscle balance and gives advises around possible improvements in your lifestyle.

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Here on my blog I talk about the influence of lifestyle, movement habits and thoughts on pain. Through my experiences as a physical therapist with my clients, I know what is missing very often, when pain occurs. There is often a certain disconnection from our natural human needs. Let’s consider just two very simple things:

We need to move.

And we need to calm our exhausted minds.

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