The practice

From August 2022 I will offer my treatments in my practice in Kobe-Mikage (Japan). The practice is located very close to the Hanshin Line station “Mikage” in a small former shopping street under the railroad line. Parking is plentiful in the department store across the street (Mikage Classe).

Honmachi 6−10−15, Higashinada-ward, Kobe City

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Didier Hartmann
Didier Hartmann
I combine more than 25 years of physical experience from the martial arts with the classical physiotherapeutic treatment techniques of manual therapy or similar techniques to influence the fascial system in order to reduce pain and help my clients maintain a more conscious and “species-appropriate” approach to their bodies.
Rina Arima (Hartmann)
Rina Arima (Hartmann)
I help you heal your body and mind.
Let’s work together to improve your quality of life!
Soon again: employees wanted, part-time or minijobber
Soon again: employees wanted, part-time or minijobber

About Didier Hartmann

As a professional physiotherapist, I lived and worked in Munich for more than 20 years and was additionally active as a lecturer at therapeutic training institutes in Switzerland, Austria, Germany and Portugal since 2011.

Since 2016 I taught in seminar form my fascia treatment method CrossPhysio, which combines aspects of Asian treatment methods and various fascia therapies with the holistic view of biopsychosocial medicine.

My understanding of the Asian view of preventive medicine I acquired among other things through the intensive training in Buddhist Kung Fu, Tai Chi and Qi Gong that I learned from a former Thai monk, Ajahn Lao Vongvilay, in Munich and after 10 years of training graduated with the master degree. The focus of this training was on health and personal development.

From 2010 to 2016, together with a partner, I led the martial arts school Germering, where I introduced children and adults to the movement arts of Kung Fu, Tai Chi, Qi Gongs and Muay Thai Boran’s.

Through my Japanese wife I gained additional valuable insights into the Asian culture and its health care habits.

Today we live with our two children in Kobe, Japan.

As a therapist and trainer I already visited numerous advanced trainings and congresses, but nowhere I found what I already had in my hands: a simple, pragmatic and application-oriented approach for therapeutic action and prevention that I had compiled for myself from the gentle martial arts and from different therapeutic teachers.

“Before you begin a program of physical inactivity, talk to your doctor or pharmacist. An overly comfortable lifestyle is not species-appropriate and puts your health at risk.”


“With CrossPhysio, I fuse my 25+ years of training experience with my therapeutic knowledge. This has resulted in a simple yet very effective fascial treatment method that I pass on in my workshops at home and abroad and that I use in practice.”