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I currently have 2 books on Amazon and several online courses. For the moment in English language only one book and one online course is available.

Fascia Fitness with Qi Gong

Online course on Udemy

Let yourself be surprised how comprehensively these simple exercises can positively influence your life. With this course you can revitalize your fascia and your mind every morning, noon or evening. Learn to relax effectively and activate the fascia chains. This will allow your self-healing powers (the immune system) to work better to prevent illness and disease. You will go through your daily life more powerful and relaxed, knowing that you can always do something to improve your well-being and regenerate faster when you are exhausted.

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Fascia Fitness with Qi Gong – the book

Soon as paperback and e-book at Amazon

Qi Gong has always been designed to maintain health. Without knowing the fascia, an exercise system was created in China that combines all the important aspects of fascia training. Learn the principles and some of the most important exercises that will keep your fascia holistically fit and your body toned. An essential aspect of Qi Gong is relaxation and mindfulness.
The ancient masters of Qi Gong and Asian martial arts, observed nature and animals and derived from them their exercises to strengthen and relax the body.
Get into the fascinating world of fascia now and start with the simple exercises today.

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